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So, I’m aware it’s been a long time since my last post. More than a month. But I had to make a few adjustments to how I write this, which is boring and too long to explain (I have no acces to a computer rn and I had to wait to get a new keyboard for my iPad, if you want the short story).

Five on my TBR banner

Today I bring you… another 5 on my TBR. Don’t worry, I’m working on reviews and opinion post and all that. I’m a little mad I had mastered this whole editing WordPress post and now I have to relearn how to use this. I just want to justify my text. Please ;;__;;

#5OnMyTBR is a bookish meme hosted by E. @ Local Bee Hunter’s Nook and you can learn more about it here or in the post announcing it. It happens every Monday, and participants post about 5 books on their TBR.

Since today’s theme is magic, and that’s a little large, I’ve been staring at my TBR for a while (don’t lie, you do that every single time). I decided to go with books that just scream “magic” to me… whatever that means (I can’t write hearts and that’s breaking mine, I need my hearts, this is sad).

Wundersmith: The calling of Morrigan Crow

Cover of Wundersmith. It shows a girl dressed in a black dress, surprised and surrended by a shining light. She’s standing with her back to a big door ina chess-like floor. There’re four bubbles arround her. The  red one shows kids driving a car, the gree one a dog or wolf in front of a fireplace, the blue one someone swiming and the yellow one two fauns that look important.

Morrigan is cursed. Because of the day she was born on, she’s blamed for everything bad, and has always been told she’ll die on her 11th birthday. But her fate changes when she’s brought to Nevermoor, a magical place, where she has trials awaiting and misteries to solve.

I loved Nevermoor. It’s such and entertaining middle grade book. I couldn’t put it down even for a second. The setting and the premise are kind of gothic in a way that’s still appealing for children and the writing was so encompassing you feel like you’re here. I might reread the first one before picking up the second.

The scapegracers

The cover shows a star, a moon, a snake an a doe surrended by a laurel wreath. It’s kind of holographic in pink and purple. There’s a text that reads “Party hard. Hex harder”

Sideways is a lesbian witch who is at the bottom of the social pyramid of her high school, but after a Halloween party, she finds herself unlikely forming a coven with the three most popular girls at school.

Ok, so it’s not hard to win me over. You have me at lesbian, you have me at witch, now imagine the two together. Also the cover of this books is gorgeous. AND it says it has true friendship instead of mean popular girls. Sign me up. It screams autumn read, too, like you should read it while it’s dark outside and the moon is full (luckily, we have two of them this month!)

The bone shard daughter

The cover shows a carving, probably in bone. The main element is a very elaborated key, but in the bottom there’s a see with twins waves and boats and on top of that, an asian style city.

Lin’s the daughter of the emperor, trapped in the palace and not recognized as a heir. The empire is crumbling down and a revolution is advancing. To help her people and face her father, Lin must master the bone shard magic, a forbidden power only her father can accomplish.

A magic system that’s based on… bones? I’m not sure I understand how it works just by reading the description, but I’m intrigued. This also sounds like a book with all the elements for a very enjoyable fantasy read. Adding that to the fact that everyone seems to be liking it, I can’t wait to finally read it too.

Wayward Witch

The cover shows a golden flower in the middle of a circle on top of a red background. There’s a text on top that reads “Never forget where you come from”

Brooklyn Brujas follow the Mortiz sisters as they come to terms with their powers and how to balance family dynamics, with all that this implies in their situation, with day-to-day life. For Alex, it was trying to get rid of her magic and understanding her family value. For Lula, challenging powers greater than herself. What’s in store for Rose?

Can’t wait to visit my favorite brujas again. Even if I feel like I didn’t enjoy Bruja born as much as I enjoyed Labyrinth Lost, this trilogy has a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to read about what disaster Rose gets involved in. I love the worldbuilding of the first book, and how The Lagos was built and, apparently, this book is also a portal book leading us to another magical place, so I’m really excited.


This cover shows a black girl performing some kind of magic. Sh has blue and red flames arround her arms and her hands are positioned on a conjuring way.

After her mother death, Bree is a accepted into a residential program for bright high-schoolers. Her peace and quiet is short-lived: she witnesses a demon feeding on human energies and discovers a secret society of “legendborns”, students that hunt said demons. After a mage attempts to wipe her memories, she unlocks her own magic powers and discovers there’s more to her mother’s death than she knew.

This!! book!! sounds!! really!! good!! I’m a sucker for a good YA fantasy, and this is also an urban fantasy, which I also love. It’s a genre I feel like I have neglected a little this year so I can’t wait to get lost in the pages of this. From the synopsis, there seems to be a lot going on. Mysteries and magic wars, and a complex magic system and Arthurian elements… all in all, it sounds like a book I don’t want to miss.

Since there’re so many autumn reads in this post (most people consider thrillers autumns reads, but I don’t do thrillers, so witches it is), it feels appropriate to ask if you like the new blog design. It’s more orange and adult and I like it better, even if it has fashion magazine fonts. I might have to change the theme since it’s not looking as good in phones but I really like it so I’m trying to find a solution.

If you spy any mistakes, feel free to tell me. English is not my first language, this doesn’t have a spellchecker and, honestly, I don’t have enough respect for this language to try and write everything in the correct way (?). In/on are interchangeable and you won’t convince me of the opposite.

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  1. I’m also SO excited for Legendborn it sounds truly amazing, I love when there is magic in our world!! 🥰 I couldn’t resist and bought the e-book to be enjoyed soon! (Tip: you can justify your text with the Ctrl + Alt + J shortcut! I also struggled with this, not a fan of the new editor 😅)

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